Movie Lesson: Plane Scene from Bridesmaids

Here is another movie lesson using the funny plane scene from the movie Bridesmaids. (Note: there is some cussing in this scene.) This is a great way to practice your listening comprehension skills using authentic American English materials. Background Info In the U.S., when you get married, there are bridesmaids for the bride and groomsmen […] Read more »

Moonrise Kingdom: “Do you steal?” Clip

The other day I watched a movie by Wes Anderson entitled “Moonrise Kingdom“. It is about two young, somewhat troubled, kids who have fallen in love. For the past year, they have been writing letters back and forth to each other, and now they have made a plan to runaway together during the summer. (I […] Read more »

Movie Lesson: Scene from Up!

A member of our English Fluency Now community requested that I provide a lesson on this scene (Adventure is Out There!) from the animated movie “Up!” In this cute scene, we see young Carl interacting with the very enthusiastic young Ellie. Listen to the video while reading along with the transcript. Read the vocabulary explanations […] Read more »

The Wolf of Wall Street: Bribe Scene

A member of the English Fluency Now Facebook community asked if I would do a movie lesson on the recent Martin Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street“, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have read some articles about it and watched the trailer. I will likely see it when […] Read more »

Would You Drive An Adult-Sized Tike Car?

Did you ever drive one of these red and yellow tike cars when you were a kid? They are pretty popular with the kiddos here in the U.S. A British man has made an adult-sized version and is driving it on the roads throughout England. Listen to this video to learn more. Use the transcript […] Read more »

American Hustle

The movie “American Hustle” won several Golden Globe awards and has received 10 Oscar nominations. Have you seen it? If so, did you like it? Here is a short clip showing the first time that the two main characters, Irving and Sydney, meet. Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions below to check your […] Read more »

Now You Can Understand Iron Man

In this post, I am going to help you understand the trailer for the movie Iron Man. The Iron Man movies have been quite popular worldwide, and many of my students have told me that they enjoy watching them. As an English teacher, one of my main jobs is to provide you with interesting comprehensible […] Read more »