Moonrise Kingdom: “Do you steal?” Clip

The other day I watched a movie by Wes Anderson entitled “Moonrise Kingdom“. It is about two young, somewhat troubled, kids who have fallen in love. For the past year, they have been writing letters back and forth to each other, and now they have made a plan to runaway together during the summer. (I won’t give more of it away. I suggest you watch it.)

I really enjoyed the movie.

It is a bit quirky, but I love the characters, the colors, the music and the way he tells the story. I have come to really enjoy Wes Anderson’s films, and so I have decided to watch all of them. So far I have seen “The Grand Budapest Hotel“, “Fantastic Mr. Fox“, “Rushmore” and “Moonrise Kingdom“.

Here is a scene from “Moonrise Kingdom” that I thought would be good for some listening comprehension practice. The idea is to take a snippet of a movie (usually 1 or 2 minutes only) and listen to it over and over again, until you can mostly (or completely) understand it.

I provide some questions for you so you can check your comprehension.

You can write your answers and ask questions in the comments section below.

This dialogue has some simple, yet interesting words. Have a listen and then answer the questions.

1. What kinds of stories does she like?
2. What type of hero does she prefer?
3. Why couldn’t she bring all of her books?
4. What are some things that she brought along?
5. What did she forget to bring?
6. Where do the books come from?
7. What does overdue mean?
8. Why did she take the books?
9. Why is she depressed?
10. Where did she find the book that she shows him at the end?