Podcast Episode 50 – Goals or no goals?

It’s that time of year again – time to make your New Year’s Resolutions and set some goals for the new year – or is it? In this episode, I talk about the pros and cons of making New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals. I talk a little about both sides of the debate: how you can […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 41 – World Domination Summit

In July, I attended a conference in Portland, Oregon called the World Domination Summit. It was a conference dedicated to bringing people from around the world together for the purpose of connecting around the topics of entrepreneurship, small business, blogging, writing, teaching, traveling, adventuring, and making the world a better place. In this episode, I tell […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 39 – Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Have you ever had a great idea for a new product? Have you ever thought you could do a better job at providing a service than others? If so, you might be an entrepreneur! In this episode, I talk about why people become entrepreneurs. Some people […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 38 – Entrepreneurship

Today, May 1,  people throughout the world are celebrating May Day or International Worker’s Day. Many protests and rallies have taken place in the larger cities of most countries. Workers have marched to show their support for social justice and work-related issues such as better pay and better working conditions, shorter workdays, and respect in […] Read more »