Podcast Episode 38 – Entrepreneurship

Today, May 1, ┬ápeople throughout the world are celebrating May Day or International Worker’s Day. Many protests and rallies have taken place in the larger cities of most countries. Workers have marched to show their support for social justice and work-related issues such as better pay and better working conditions, shorter workdays, and respect in the workplace.

I support people having good working conditions, whether they work for a government agency or a private business.

In this podcast episode, I talk about entrepreneurship.

People often become interested in entrepreneurship when they become tired of working for someone else. Instead of being an employee, the person decides to become his/her own boss. He has an idea for a product or service that he thinks will be valuable to others, and that others will purchase, and so he starts a business, becoming an entrepreneur.

Last week, I attended an event for entrepreneurs called Be the Change 2014. It was a 4-day event full of learning and inspiration for people who either want to start a business or already have a business. The purpose of the event was to help people reach their business goals and be successful in business and in life.

In this podcast, I tell you about the event and I discuss entrepreneurship, in general.

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