Understanding Lyrics

Hi Students! I was preparing some materials for a listening class this morning and I came across this great site for understanding song lyrics. It’s called Genius.com. It is a website where people annotate songs. This means they give you the lyrics of the song with explanations and examples, so you can understand the song better. One […] Read more »

All About that Bass – Explained

Earlier this evening I went to pick up my daughter from her dance class and I heard the song “All About that Bass” by singer Meghan Trainor on the radio. It’s quite popular and lots of people have been making videos for it and spoofs of it (a spoof is when you make fun of it in […] Read more »

Grammy Awards Turns Into a Wedding Ceremony

Who watched the Grammy Awards? If you listened to podcast episode #33, then you learned about the Golden Globes, the awards ceremony for the TV and movie industry. The Grammy Awards is the awards ceremony that recognizes performers, musicians, songwriters and others in the music industry. Here is a news article from the Hollywood Reporter about the […] Read more »