Understanding Lyrics

Hi Students! I was preparing some materials for a listening class this morning and I came across this great site for understanding song lyrics. It’s called Genius.com. It is a website where people annotate songs. This means they give you the lyrics of the song with explanations and examples, so you can understand the song better. One […] Read more »

All About that Bass – Explained

Earlier this evening I went to pick up my daughter from her dance class and I heard the song “All About that Bass” by singer Meghan Trainor on the radio. It’s quite popular and lots of people have been making videos for it and spoofs of it (a spoof is when you make fun of it in […] Read more »

Learn Phrasal Verbs with Songs

One of the things that can be difficult for English learners is understanding the grammatical structures known as phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs combine verbs and prepositions to make idiomatic expressions whose meaning is usually not obvious by understanding the individual words. They are used a lot in both written and spoken English. To improve your listening and […] Read more »

What is she saying?

In previous posts, I have talked about using music to help you acquire real English, naturally. However, sometimes it can be quite difficult, even for a native speaker, to understand the meaning of the words (lyrics) used in a song. One of the hottest songs on the radio these days is Royals by the young […] Read more »