Movie Lesson: Plane Scene from Bridesmaids

Here is another movie lesson using the funny plane scene from the movie Bridesmaids. (Note: there is some cussing in this scene.)

This is a great way to practice your listening comprehension skills using authentic American English materials.

Background Info

In the U.S., when you get married, there are bridesmaids for the bride and groomsmen for the groom. The bridesmaids are friends of the bride who usually give her a party before the wedding. Your bridesmaids may also help you plan your wedding.

This movie is about a rivalry between two of the bride’s best friends; both are bridesmaids. Annie is the longtime (poorer) friend and the other friend is a newer (wealthier) friend. This scene takes place on the plane ride to Las Vegas for a pre-wedding party.

What You Do

Watch the video clip once or twice (or more). Try to get the gist of what is going on. Then, watch it again with the intention of answering the questions below. Use the questions to check your comprehension.

Here are some words to listen for while watching the video:

are you kidding me? – this is similar to saying “are you joking”, it is said when you can’t believe what someone is telling you

hey buddy – buddy is used when talking to a friend, it’s like saying “hey friend”

to party with the best of them – to do something with the best of them means you are going to do something just as well as the others; you won’t be a slacker

what do you say? – sounds like “whaddaya say”, said after you suggest something to somebody and you want their response

coach passengers – the passengers in the area of the airplane that is not business class or first class; coach class tickets are cheaper

catch you on the flip side – like saying “talk to you soon” or “see you soon”

Annie should’t miss out – to miss out on something means you can’t do it for some reason, so you don’t get the experience

you’re setting me up for a loss already – to set someone up for a loss is to make a condition that is too hard to meet, so they fail

are you an appliance? – an appliance is a machine used in the house, like a stove or fridge

Answer these questions:

1. Which part of the plane did Annie come from?
2. Which part of the plane was her friend sitting in?
3. Why did the flight attendant tell her to go back to her seat?
4. Why was Annie behaving so strangely?
5. What did the bride’s other friend offer to do for Annie?