Movie Lesson: Scene from Up!

A member of our English Fluency Now community requested that I provide a lesson on this scene (Adventure is Out There!) from the animated movie “Up!”

In this cute scene, we see young Carl interacting with the very enthusiastic young Ellie.

Listen to the video while reading along with the transcript.

Read the vocabulary explanations below to better understand what she is saying.

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Ellie: It’s a beautiful day, winds out of the east at ten knots. Visibilityunlimited.

Enter the weather in the logbook!

Oh! There’s something down there! I will bring it back for science.

Awwww, it’s a puppy!

No time! A storm! Lightning! Hail!

What are you doing?!

Don’t you know this is an exclusive club? Only explorers get in here. Not just any kid off the street

Do you think you got what it takes? Well, do you?!

All right, you’re in. Welcome aboard.

What’s wrong? Can’t you talk?

Hey, I don’t bite.

You and me, we’re in a club now.

I saw where your balloon went. Come on, let’s go get it!

My name’s Ellie.

There it is.

Well, go ahead.

Go on.

Carl: Ahh! (as he falls down)

(Carl is in bed now.)
Carl: Ow!

Ellie peeks her head through the window and talks.

Ellie: Hey kid!

Carl: Ow!

Ellie: Thought you might need a little cheerin’ up. I got somethin’ to show ya (you)!

I am about to let you see something I have never shown to another human being. Ever. In my life.

You’ll have to swear you will not tell anyone.

Cross your heart. Do it!

My Adventure Book!

You know him. Charles Muntz, explorer.

When I get big, I’m going where he’s going: South America.

It’s like America… but south.

Wanna know where I’m gonna live?

“Paradise Falls, a land lost in time.”

I ripped this right out of the library book.

I’m gonna move my clubhouse there, and park it right next to the falls.

Who knows what lives up there? And once I get there…

Well, I’m saving these pages for all the adventures I’m gonna have.

Only… I just don’t know how I’m gonna get to Paradise Falls.

That’s it!

You can take us there in a blimp! Swear you’ll take us.

Cross your heart! Cross it! Cross your heart!

Good. You promised. No backing out.

Well, see you tomorrow kid!


Adventure is out there!



visibility…unlimited: visibility refers to how far you can see, and unlimited means that you can see everything, nothing is in your way

hail: little balls of ice that fall from the sky when it is cold

exclusive club: a club is a group of members that get together around a specific interest, and exclusive describes the club as being only for special people who have been carefully selected or who pay a lot of money

got what it takes: here she wants to know if he thinks he possesses (or has) the qualities necessary to be in her club, for some clubs you have to pass some type of test to get in

all right: here it is like saying “okay”; used to express agreement or acceptance

cheerin’ up: to cheer someone up means that you do something to try to make them feel better, to make them happy

to swear: to promise

cross your heart: if you do this sign, crossing your heart with your finger, it means that you promise to do whatever you said you would do

wanna: the informal way of saying want to

gonna: the informal way of saying going to

ripped it out of (to rip): to tear out from; she tore the picture from a library book

clubhouse: where the club members meet

park it right next to the falls: she is going to put her clubhouse right alongside the waterfalls; to park means to put it or place it somewhere

blimp: a floating airship (see picture)

no backing out: to back out of something means you say you aren’t going to do it; she doesn’t want Carl to back out of her plan of having him take her to South America in a blimp



What is Ellie pretending to be?

What happens to Carl when he goes to get his balloon?

Where does Ellie want to go?

How does she want to get there?


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