Podcast Episode 63 – Party Nominating Process

Perhaps you’ve heard that we will be voting for a new president this year. Well, first we have to decide who will be on the ballot. In other words, each party has to decide who will be their presidential candidate. This happens through a process known as “the primaries” which starts on February 1st in Iowa.

In this podcast episode, I explain this process and the variety of ways that people throughout the U.S. will vote for their preferred candidate.

Several candidates in both of the major parties, Democrats and Republicans, have already been campaigning and trying to gain an audience. The one you have most likely heard of is Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he has probably received most of the media attention because of his negative commentary about immigrants and refugees. However, just because he has received a lot of mainstream media attention doesn’t mean he is the candidate that most people will vote for.

To learn more, have a listen to the podcast and write your questions below. It’s a bit difficult to understand, but I think you will understand a lot more once you listen to the explanation I give in the podcast.

The Lesson Guide has the full transcript, questions, and links to more websites, articles and videos related to this topic. The Lesson Guide is great to use while working with a tutor, and is great for preparing for TOEFL or IELTS exams.

My preferred candidate is Bernie Sanders. Here is his latest commercial.

What do you think?

Who would you vote for?