Podcast Episode 56 – Neuroplasticity and Brain Games

In this podcast episode, you will learn about neuroplasticity and how people are healing themselves of learning disabilities and brain injuries.

I recently read three books related to this topic, and in this episode, I give you a brief description of each book and I talk about some of the latest research in this field.

I also discuss brain games: what they are and why you might want to play them.
(Note: They are controversial.)

To get the Lesson Guide for this episode, go to the PRODUCTS page and purchase it for only $1.00. The Lesson Guide has the complete transcript and other learning materials, including links to the books, the authors’ websites, as well as articles and videos related to this topic.

After listening to the podcast, tell me what you think about the idea of neuroplasticity in the comments section below.

Thanks and enjoy!

Photo credit: Allan Ajifo

Photo credit: Allan Ajifo