Podcast Episode 49 – 10 Language Learning Tips

Language learning is a life-long process and many people use a variety of methods and strategies to continuously improve their skills. In this podcast episode, I am giving you my thoughts related to 10 language learning tips from a panel of multilingual experts. I read about these suggestions in a recent article online at TheGuardian.com entitled Learning a Language: 10 Things You Need to Know. (And here is another useful article with more great tips: What is the Best Way to Learn a Foreign Language.)

The article was based on a conversation between various multilingual experts in which they shared many tips on language learning, and then distilled them down into 10 of the most important suggestions for how to learn a foreign language.

I agree with most of their suggestions and in the podcast you will hear my thoughts and examples for how to use their advice to improve your English language skills.

You can listen to the episode using the audio player on this page, by clicking the link on the podcast page or by going directly to iTunes, where you can download all episodes to your mobile device and listen to them while you walk or do other things.

As always, the Lesson Guide has the entire transcript and all kinds of other useful learning materials to help you improve your English, and can be purchased on the products page.

I hope you enjoy the episode and I invite you to share your language-learning experiences in the comments section below.

Happy Holidays!!