Podcast Episode 37 – Toastmasters

In episode #37 of the English Fluency Now podcast, I am discussing Toastmasters International.

Nicole and I attended our first Toastmasters meeting this week. Our town has a rather new local chapter of Toastmasters International. They call themselves PT Smooth Talkers. PT stands for Port Townsend (our town) and a smooth talker is a person who is good at speaking in such a way as to convince others about something or to sell them something. It also means a person who is good at public speaking.

My brother has participated in Toastmasters in San Francisco, CA and so I have known about this organization for many years, but I had never been to a meeting. In the past, when I had looked for a local group online, we didn’t have one, but now that we do, I am eager to learn more.

In the podcast, I give a short description about the organization and then you can listen to a real, unscripted conversation between me and Nicole about our thoughts on the meeting.

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Have you ever attended a Toastmasters meeting in your country?

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