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English Fluency Now is devoted to helping English students throughout the world improve their English language skills and reach their fluency goals by providing high-quality, intelligent, interesting, and fun English language learning materials.

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Currently, I am offering the Success with Stories product to all affiliates. The retail cost of the program is $89.

Learn more about the program by reading the Sales Pages.

As an affiliate, you will get 50% of each sale that comes from your affiliate link.


I appreciate that you would like to promote my products, and thereby make some income for yourself. However, I do want to ensure that you represent the product correctly and that you maintain a high degree of honesty and transparency.

I work with students from all around the world and I do not discriminate against anybody due to gender, sexual preferences, religious beliefs, culture, race, ethnicity or level of education.

Thank you for helping me get my product out to those who will find it useful and will utilize it to improve their English language skills.

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How to Promote

Please feel free to provide your affiliate link to friends and members of your community as well as customers and clients who you believe will find success with this product (Success with Stories).

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Blogs, websites, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), YouTube and in private emails to your lists, colleagues and friends.

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I use eJunkie for all product delivery and therefore I use their affiliate program. It is very simple to use. (I use ClickBank for payment processing.)
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