Sample Question and Answer Lesson – Juan Goes to New York

One of the most effective methods for becoming a better speaker of English (or any language) is the use of Question and Answer lessons (or circling – as it is known by teachers who use the TPRS method of language acquisition).

This technique is effective because it gives you lots of repetitions, so you can learn new vocabulary, phrases and grammatical structures naturally and easily. As you repeat the lesson over and over, you begin to answer more automatically, without thinking, and this helps you become a better speaker.

When you have enough experience doing this, you will begin to speak naturally, with confidence and ease, and without having to translate in your head, which slows you down.

Here is a short sample story to give you a taste of what it is like to use this technique.

Your job is to answer OUT LOUD, not just in your head.

Q & A Lesson for Story

(click on the link to open a new window for listening to the audio file)

Read along with the transcript if needed. Looking at the transcript can help you see the patterns and understand the grammar.

Link to Transcript for Question and Answer lesson for “Juan Goes to New York”


To use this method to become a better speaker, check out the Success with Stories audio immersion program. There are 20 Lesson Sets in the program, all of which offer unique Question and Answer lessons.