Podcast Episode 67 – Mask Debate

EFN 69: Black History Month English Fluency Now Podcast

Black History Month is celebrated each year during the month of February. It is an opportunity for Americans to learn about the contributions of black Americans in all areas of life: business, leadership, music, art, movies, writing, science, inventions, industry, sports, and philosophy. In this episode, you will learn about important black Americans such as Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mae Jemison, Washington Carver, and others. To purchase the lesson guide, visit www.englishfluencynow.com
  1. EFN 69: Black History Month
  2. EFN 68: Clubhouse
  3. EFN 67: Mask Debate
  4. EFN 66: Route 66
  5. EFN 65: Short Squeeze

In this episode, rather than taking a side, I present both sides to you, the listener. You can make up your own mind, of course.

My intention is to give you useful information, in English, so you can understand the words and phrases related to this topic.

I hope you enjoy it!