Podcast Episode 48 – Renting an Apartment

Lately, I have been working with several private students who are either living and working here in the U.S. already or planning to move here to work in the near future (thus the inspiration for this latest podcast episode topic).

One of the first things a person has to do when they move to a new city is find a place to live.

In this episode, I talk about the basics of how to find an apartment (condo or house) to rent here in the U.S. It is likely the same or similar process as you follow in your own country, and now you will know how to talk about it in English.

The Lesson Guide is a 14-page PDF with the entire transcript, lists of vocabulary words and expressions with definitions and sample sentences, comprehension questions, writing exercises and more.

To purchase the Lesson Guide for $1.00, click here.

Here is a sample of some of the expressions that I explain in the Lesson Guide:

to set up your apartment

to point something out to someone

to spell out

to get ripped off

to sign on the dotted line

to deal directly with

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I look forward to reading your questions and responses to this podcast episode in the comments area. Please feel free to share your own experiences of looking for a place to live.