Do you have grit?

Who is successful, and why?

This is the question that researcher Angela Lee Duckworth wanted to find out.

The answer: grit.

Grit: having passion and perseverance for long-term goals. The ability to keep working on something, even if you face obstacles or experience difficulties.

Her research goes along with the research by Carol Dweck about the importance of having a growth-mindset for success, which I talk about as an important strategy for becoming fluent in English in my FREE 7 Strategies for English Fluency email course. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, you can do so on the right side of this page.

Growth-mindest: believing that you can learn and knowing you will improve with effort.

This line of research proves what a lot of us already know; it takes time, work, effort and perseverance to achieve our goals, to become successful at something.

Today, as you continue to improve your English, please remember that you are on a journey, you are involved in a process, and while you may have your ups and downs, if you stay the course, you will succeed.

I am here to help you succeed – through the podcasts, the blog posts, the 7 Strategies for English Fluency email course, the Facebook and Twitter posts, and through a new product that I will have available sometime in December (I am still working on it!!).

Watch this video to listen to Angela’s short TED Talk about grit. It’s a good reminder!


To read the transcript of this talk while you are listening to it, click here.


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