Epic Concentration

When you are learning anything, concentration is important. To concentrate means to direct one’s thoughts or attention.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to concentrate, because of noise, interruptions, distractions, and the chatter in your own mind.

To learn English well, you must learn to concentrate, to pay attention, and to focus.

Fifteen minutes of focused activity each day will help you immensely, and if you can do an hour per day (in 15 or 20-minute chunks), then that’s even better.

Remember, you need to just focus on one podcast, one lesson, one part of a movie or one dialogue at a time. Learn it well, and then move on to something else.

Watch the concentration on Jean-Claude Van Damme’s face. I imagine that with this type of concentration, you could do practically anything.

I wonder if it was easier for him to learn English or do this epic split. Either way, they both involved concentration and focus.