Podcast Episode 50 – Goals or no goals?

It’s that time of year again – time to make your New Year’s Resolutions and set some goals for the new year – or is it? In this episode, I talk about the pros and cons of making New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals. I talk a little about both sides of the debate: how you can […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 49 – 10 Language Learning Tips

Language learning is a life-long process and many people use a variety of methods and strategies to continuously improve their skills. In this podcast episode, I am giving you my thoughts related to 10 language learning tips from a panel of multilingual experts. I read about these suggestions in a recent article online at TheGuardian.com entitled Learning a […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 48 – Renting an Apartment

Lately, I have been working with several private students who are either living and working here in the U.S. already or planning to move here to work in the near future (thus the inspiration for this latest podcast episode topic). One of the first things a person has to do when they move to a new […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 47 – Privacy and Edward Snowden

This past weekend I saw the new documentary Citizenfour about the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. This got me to thinking about privacy and how people feel about the U.S. government having access to private emails, phone calls, video calls and chat messages without getting a warrant and without prior consent. How do you feel about companies […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 46 – Preparing for a Job Interview

I work with a lot of people who are trying to improve their English and build their confidence so that they can do well in a job interview, in English. In this episode, I talk about how to prepare yourself so that you can do well and get the job you want. To listen to […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 45 – What is a MOOC?

In this new episode, I am talking about MOOCs. Have you ever taken a MOOC? Do you know what a MOOC is? If not, tune in and learn! I will tell you what they are, how to take them and tell you what types of MOOCs I have taken in the past few months. As […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 44 – Cultural Differences

In podcast episode 44 I am talking about cultural differences between the U.S. and other countries, such as Brazil. I got the inspiration for this episode from one of my Brazilian students. The other day we were having our lesson and he started to mention some of the differences that he had read about on […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 43 – Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill

In this new episode, you will learn about the recent ruling regarding the 2010 BP oil spill that occurred as a result of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig. This rig was operated by the company British Petroleum (BP) at the time and they were just found guilty of gross negligence, and […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 42 – U-Pick Farms

It’s still summer and August is one of my favorite months, because it is Berry Time! In this episode, I tell you about my recent trips to a local U-Pick farm (Finnriver Farm) to pick blueberries. I also explain how it works and why I enjoy it so much. To listen to this episode on the […] Read more »

Podcast Episode 41 – World Domination Summit

In July, I attended a conference in Portland, Oregon called the World Domination Summit. It was a conference dedicated to bringing people from around the world together for the purpose of connecting around the topics of entrepreneurship, small business, blogging, writing, teaching, traveling, adventuring, and making the world a better place. In this episode, I tell […] Read more »