Become an Excellent English Speaker with Success with Stories

Last Sunday, I released the first volume of a new series of programs that I have created to help English learners become excellent speakers of English. 

The program is called Success with Stories and it uses the Teaching Proficiency Through Stories (TPRS) method developed by Blaine Ray. The program gives you MASSIVE amounts of comprehensible input in the form of fun, silly, entertaining stories to help improve your listening comprehension skills and the QUESTION AND ANSWER lessons help you become an automatic speaker, so that you speak English with confidence and ease, without thinking or translating.

This program will help you get really comfortable speaking English and help you overcome any fears you have of making mistakes or embarrassing yourself, which is the main reason adult learners of a second language often progress slower than children who are learning a second language. It has to do with your affective filter, and worrying about what others think of you. If you use this program correctly, you will get over this problem. I have seen it many times!

You can listen to a sample of the entire Lesson Set, including all 4 components (the Story, the Vocabulary Lesson, the Question and Answer Lesson, and the Point of View Story) by clicking here.

Click here to get the Transcript, so you can read along.

Click here to see the Titles of the Stories and the running times of each of the 20 different Lesson Sets.

It’s clear that if you are serious about being an excellent, powerful speaker of English, this is the way to go!

For more information and to purchase, visit the Success with Stories Program page.

Oh, and by the way, the special introductory price of only $69 ends January 31, 2014.

As of February 1, the price will go to the normal price of $89 (which is still great for such an extensive program of over 18 hours of audio materials and 400 pages of text).